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Civil Plant Operator Tickets

Industry Overview
Plant operators take on the role of operator for a range of specialised heavy machinery and vehicles, such as backhoes, bulldozers, loaders and forklifts. Their role is essential in the construction, mining and trades industries, as they can help with levelling, excavating, moving and loading earth, rock and other minerals, which are crucial to any project.

From preparing the machines for operation to using and servicing the machines, a plant operator can help in many ways on the worksite. Through successful completion of your plant operator ticket training at All States Training, you will receive the appropriate operator licence for your chosen machinery. This valuable operator licence will allow you to safely work in construction sites across the country.
(*All States Training delivers this training on site using your machines, as we do not have our own)

All Civil Plant Operator Tickets Courses

All States Training collaborates with third-party partners who may deliver these courses on our behalf. Please contact our office, and we will direct you to the appropriate person who can assist with your inquiry.

Course Code Course Name
RIIHAN301E Operate Elevating Work Platform
Conduct slewing crane operations
Conduct non-slewing crane operations
RIIHAN305D Operate a gantry or overhead crane
RIIHAN307E Operate a vehicle loading crane
RIIHAN309F Conduct telescopic materials handler operations
RIIHAN311F Conduct operations with integrated tool carrier
RIIMPO315E Conduct tractor operations
RIIMPO316E Conduct self-propelled compactor operations
RIIMPO317F Conduct roller operations
RIIMPO318F Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations (Bobcat / Skid Steer Licence)
RIIMPO319E Conduct backhoe/loader operations
RIIMPO320F Conduct civil construction excavator operations
Course Code Course Name
RIIMPO321F Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations
RIIMPO322E Conduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations
RIIMPO323E Conduct civil construction dozer operations
RIIMPO324F Conduct civil construction grader operations
RIIMPO325E Conduct civil construction scraper operations
RIIMPO326E Conduct water vehicle operations
RIIMPO336E Conduct belly dump truck operations
RIIMPO337E Conduct articulated haul truck operations
RIIVEH304E Conduct tip truck operations
TLID0012 Operate a Vehicle-Mounted Loading Crane

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