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Why All States Training

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Our Story

All States Training (AST) began in 1995 when Barry Wadsworth, identified a significant need in the market for high quality training relating to the safe operation of large and small construction machinery and equipment, as well as workplace health and safety standards.

Having spent most of his working career using such equipment and machinery, Barry felt it was the right time to take that first step toward the building of a new business, and began delivering courses to meet industry standards in those fields.

In 2005 De’Anne was brought on board to help the company move to its next step in the ladder of success - becoming an RTO (Registered Training Organisation).  This meant the company was able to conduct nationally recognised training courses and issuing certificates for those courses.

All States Training has grown to be the proudly owned and operated Australian family business that individuals and companies have come to trust, for both great service delivery and our 'down to earth' approach.  Because of our desire to work closely with our business clients, we make it achievable to meet Workplace Health and Safety standards simply and effectively.  

As a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO), we are continuing to increase our scope of courses and services to meet our client’s needs.  This may include a full training package for varied industries which require machine or equipment operation certificates, blue cards, first aid, wire spotting or other courses that may need to be designed to meet workplace health and safety standards.

Our intention is to be a national leader of high quality courses and services, so our clients and their staff are compliant and safe while completing services in their specific fields and industries.  

Find Your Next Course Now Find Your Next Course Now