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Operate Mobile Chipper/Mulcher

Course Overview
Chippers/mulchers are used daily to take care of environmental waste matter associated with forests and other plant life. Mulchers and chippers are large machinery items which are powerful and possibly dangerous if not operated correctly or with the skills required for safety. This is where proper training and assessment is required.

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Course Code FWPHAR2208
Course Name Operate Mobile Chipper/Mulcher
Course Field Agriculture
What Will I Learn?

The course covers the following topics:

  • Applicable Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation for operating a mobile chipper/mulcher.
  • Environmental protection requirements, including the safe disposal of waste material and the cleaning of plant, tools and equipment.
  • Organisational and site standards, requirements, policies and procedures for operating a mobile chipper/mulcher.
  • Characteristics of trees and timber defects.
  • Chipping/mulching procedures.
  • Mobile chipper/mulcher operation and safety.
  • Chipper/mulcher condition assessment
  • Social/community benefit of uses for chipped/mulched timber.
  • Problem identification and resolution strategies and common fault finding techniques.
  • Types of tools and equipment and procedures for their use, operation and maintenance.
  • Appropriate mathematical procedures for estimating and measuring, including calculating time to complete tasks.
Course Prerequisites In order to learn this course, you will need to:
  • Have a good understanding of the English language
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your training sessions
Course Delivery This course is a 1 day course and is only delivered as Face-to-Face

All States Training is able to come to you for these courses. We are flexible and mobile to meet your training needs.

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