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Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control

Course Overview
Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control (ACDC) includes the theoretical and practical components of three (3) units of competency chosen by the Department of Primary industries to meet skills and knowledge required to be able to apply to hold an ACDC Licence (QLD Only).

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Course Code ACDC
Course Name Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control
Course Field Agriculture
Duration of Training 

Why Should I Learn This Course?
6-8 Hours. This training is delivered as Face-to-Face only 

An ACDC Course will provide highly relevant information; not only necessary to obtain an (ACDC) ground distribution operators licence, but also to provide students with a good grounding in the safest practices for handling & distribution of agricultural chemicals.

Compliance with all relevant legislation including the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966/ACDC Regulation 1998 can then be ensured.

Ask Yourself

* Are you fully aware of the legislation and ACDC requirements for spraying agricultural chemicals within a declared hazardous area?

* Does your operator's ACDC training ensure minimum impact to surrounding areas and minimum risk to themselves and other personnel during application?

* Do you know exactly when and where a weed spraying licence is required?

If you are unsure of the answers to questions above, then this course is for you.

What will I learn?

This course consists of three (3) units of competency that make up the skill group that includes:

  • The skills and knowledge to identify and apply and reporting control weeds methods;
  • Hazard and risk management;
  • Prepare, apply and safely use chemicals;
  • Calibration;
  • MSDS use;
  • Chemical records and spray plans;
  • Transportation, chemical management and storage.
Roles and Responsibilities

Hazardous chemicals are regularly found in the agriculture sector, this is where most hazardous chemicals will be found. Successful farming requires the sound management of crops and/or livestock, the farm property, people and finances.      

Hazardous chemicals are used to help rid the farm property, crops and livestock from any pests or diseases.

Anyone looking at a career in agriculture will usually be doing:

  • Substantial Outdoors Work
  • Working with Animals
  • Working with Plants
  • Working with equipment and machinery

The course is designed for farmers, farmhands, farm supervisors and other people who use agricultural and/or veterinary chemicals regularly in their work.

Additional Licensing Information

For more information on applying for a new licence or renewing an existing one, please check the "Additional Information" tab.

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