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TLID1001 Shift Materials Safely Using Manual Handling Methods

TLID1001 Shift Materials Safely Using Manual Handling Methods

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Course Details

The objective of this procedure is to prevent the occurrence of injury and reduce the severity of injuries resulting from manual handling tasks performed by staff, visitors and contractors of a workplace.

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to shift loads safely using manual handling methods. Work must be carried out in compliance with the relevant work health and safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) regulations concerning the manual handling and movement of loads.

It includes assessing the risks associated with relocating the load, planning the relocation process and carrying out the relocation in accordance with the plan. 


Work is performed under some supervision generally within a team environment.


Course Duration

The course duration will vary depending on your background and experience. Approx 4 hours per session.



All participants undertaking training will be issued with all training materials.


Course Content

Manual handling refers to any activity requiring a person to use any part of their muscular or skeletal system in their interactions with their work environment. It includes the following activities: carrying, lifting, striking, pushing, pulling, throwing & holding. In this course students will learn:

  • housekeeping standards and procedures
  • relevant WHS/OHS procedures and guidelines concerning the manual lifting and movement of loads
  • risks when manually lifting and handling materials and goods, and related precautions to control the risk, including:
  • controlled actions on a movement during lifting
  • distance over which load is to be shifted
  • frequency of shifting operations
  • load on the spine during lifting
  • postures and positions during lifting
  • rotation and side movement of the spine during lifting
  • time allowed for shifting the load
  • type, weight and position of the load
  • work layout
  • site layout and obstacles
  • workplace procedures and policies for manual handling


Benefits to Employers

This course aims to reduce the amount of injuries within the muscular or skeletal system at the workplace. By undertaking this course this will refresh employees on adherence to Manual Handling procedures and will make all workplaces a safer and more enjoyable place for all employees - minus the pain!

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TLID1001 Shift Materials Safely Using Manual Handling Methods