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RIIMPO310F - Conduct grader operations

Please note, all machines are to be supplied by the client. If you are unable to access a machine, we are able to hire one for a further cost. This unit must be assessed in the context of this sector's work environment.

All States Training is able to come to you for these courses.

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Course Outline

This course is designed to give participants theory and practical training on the operations of a grader on Australian civil construction, coal, metalliferous and extractive mine or quarry sites. All training is conducted on-site as the practical operations must carried out in a live environment and should include a range of tasks and conditions and applying site safety principles and procedures.

The candidate must provide us access to the machine to conduct the training and the machine must in be sound condition and comply with manufacturer guidelines and specifications.   

Candidates will learn how to operate a typical grader and how to conduct safety procedures concerning grader operations. The objective of each training course is to equip participants with a sound overview and practical experience of how work should be carried out on site.   


What will I learn?

  • accessing, interpreting and applying the organisation and site requirements and procedures for:
  • driving and operating equipment
  • materials handling using safety data sheets
  • environmental protection
  • ground conditions,
  • isolation procedures
  • equipment processes, technical capability and limitations
  • fire/accident/emergency
  • signs of operator fatigue and how it should be managed
  • site isolation and traffic control responsibilities and authorities
  • project quality requirements
  • calculating safe working loads
  • operational, maintenance and basic diagnostics
  • housekeeping activities



Face-to-Face delivery only.



All students who are competent in RIIMPO310F Conduct Grader Operations will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.


Further Opportunities 

This unit forms part of the Full Qualification

  • RII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations


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