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RIIHAN305D - Operate a gantry or overhead crane

Please note all machines are to be supplied by the client, if you are unable to access a machine, we could hire one for a further cost.

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Course Outline

This course covers the requirements for operating a gantry or overhead crane which is controlled by pendant or wireless remote.

Successfully completing this course will allow you to operate any gantry, bridge, jib or wall mounted crane with three (3) or less powered motions. Short/Cross travel is one motion; Long/Length travel is a second motion; and Hoist raise or Hoist lower is a third motion. 

This course does not cover the requirements for a gantry or overhead crane with four (4) or more powered motions. A High Risk Work Licence (class CB) is required for this type of crane.



Face-to-Face delivery only.


Course Content

  •  Legislation, Regulation and Standards
  •  Identifying and assessing hazards and risks
  •  Select and implement appropriate control measures
  •  Plan the work
  •  Conduct routine checks
  •  Secure and transfer a load
  •  Operate a gantry and overhead crane
  •  Shut down and secure the equipment 






Further Opportunities

This unit forms part of the Full Qualification  

  • RII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations


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