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TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

Fatigue is a natural condition that impacts every one of us. Whether it's a mid-afternoon energy slump or a more severe case precipitated by a sleepless night or extended periods of physical or mental exertion, most of us experience some degree of fatigue every day. When it comes to drowsiness, we all share something else in common: we are terrible at assessing our own level of fatigue. All States Training is offering to you a nationally recognised, industry short-course, to help you understand fatigue management. From lifestyle choices to legislation and procedures, we have the information you need to help your fatigue management strategies!

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Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge required to apply fatigue management strategies, including identifying and acting upon signs of fatigue and implementing appropriate strategies to minimise fatigue during work activities, in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements.


What are the pre-requisites?

  • Must be able to supply 100 points of identification
  • Have a good understanding of the English language


What will I learn?

The focus of this course is on:

  • Explaining the importance of fatigue management
  • Identifying legislation that supports the management of fatigue
  • Describing the causes, effects and warning signs of fatigue
  • Following workplace procedures and practices to manage fatigue; and
  • Selecting appropriate lifestyle choices to manage fatigue



  • Face-to-Face
  • Online
  • Workplace
  • Blended

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Course Outline

  • Module 1 - Course Indroduction
  • Module 2 - Overview and Legislation
  • Module 3 - Causes, Effects and Warning Signs 
  • Module 4 - Workplace Procedures - Overview 
  • Module 5 - Workplace Procedures - Drivers/Operators
  • Module 6 - Workplace Procedures - Schedulers 
  • Module 7 - Lifestyle Choices to Manage Fatigue
  • Module 8 - Course Summary 



All students who are competent in TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.



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