Trainer Profiles

Barry Wadsworth

Managing Director/Trainer & Assessor

Barry, commonly known to most people as ‘Wadsy’, formed All States Training more than 20 years ago (1995) with the dream that he would be able to combine his passion for travelling with his years of experience and qualifications gained across varied industries (including construction, sugar cane, earthmoving, real estate and rural just to name a few) into a successful training business.

Barry realised at the time that he needed to be unique in the way that he conducted his training and the way that he dealt with potential clients. The biggest thing Barry knew from growing up in small country towns was that a lot of people never proved their skills because they didn’t want to leave their homes for a period of time or it was not always possible. So it made sense to Barry, that it would be just as easy to go to his clients (incorporating his love to be on the move), rather than his clients try to get their staff to him, and so the idea blossomed into AST’s unique flexible training delivery system, which is still available today.

Famous for his reputation as a fair and just trainer, students often comment on how they prefer Barry’s style of delivery and approachable down to earth manner and especially how he can tell a story or two to help facilitate learning.

Students appreciate the fact that Barry ensures that they all understand the course content and that no one feels like they are being left behind or that they are unable to complete the task at hand. Barry aims for confident and competent graduates that can get in and do the task by course completion.

Having trained all over Queensland for more than 13 years and whilst driving from one town to the next, Barry decided it was time to take the next step and become an RTO (Registered Training Organisation). With that decision, Barry has been able to include other members of his family into the business as well as being able to offer certified training to his clients directly.

Now aiming to increase the organisations scope to meet new industry standards and changing client needs, Barry continues to follow his motto: Proudly Training Australia!

Barry can be contacted on 0427 687 292 or if you prefer please contact De’Anne via our Head Office for all other enquires.

De'Anne Stegert

Manager, Trainer/Assessor

With the development of the RTO, Barry was able to source some excellent family talent from his daughter De’Anne, who has now been with All States Training since 2005.

De’Anne has spent most of her working career in the Fast Food Industry, including ten years as Restaurant General Manager for the KFC food chain. 

De’Anne brings with her a significant amount of experience in management, leadership, book-keeping, HRM, administration and training, (having trained a wide variety of age groups and cultures over many years). 

With at least 10 years experience within the Construction & Rural industries, De’Anne has become a great contact for clients who are often in need of assistance when trying to select courses to suit their needs. 

Having now completed further training related to the various industries that All States Training target, De’Anne has become a vital member helping take the company to the next level. 

De’Anne is qualified to conduct onsite WH&S audits or to train your staff to conduct them. De’Anne is also now conducting some of the training courses that All States Training has to offer so this now gives the company two trainers for clients to associate with. 

De’Anne is currently the first point of call for any questions of queries you may have relating to AST’s services and you can contact her on (07) 4123 0415 or via email at

Gavin Stegert


Gavin has been a Trainer and Assessor with All States Training for approx. 5 years, initially coming on board as our Operations Manager to help out with the everyday operations of our Trainers and Assessor’s. Gavin is now out in the field, conducting various courses for construction, agriculture, electrical and many other industry short courses.

Gavin has a vast amount of experience in various roles, working with companies such as Ergon & Energex as a Pole Inspector and Savco for Vegetation Management just to name a few.

Gavin can be contacted on 0401 686 691 or