Peter De Brock – Cole Maintenance

“It dealt with the required issues and it didnt divert to unnecessary issues or topics. I believe the training was given of exceptional standards. Thank you guys for the excellent service and training.”

Lyndal Lindsay – Lindsay’s Earthmoving

“A big thanks from us to you Deanne, Barry and all your staff over there for being so patient with us during this period of obtaining these tickets. Thanks to Barry for coming out to us at Wandoan, and being so understanding and patient with us and our staff! We did our best to keep the coffee up to him!! And also with the way everything was so nicely presented when we received it in the mail yesterday. Thanks again.”

Paul Alexander – Cleanaway Hervey Bay

“From Ian, Alan and I “Gecko” Paul. Thank you Barry for your valued course and informative way of passing it on to us in plain language, cheers”.