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About AST

All States Training (AST) began in 1995 when Barry Wadsworth - Managing Director, identified a significant need in the market for high quality training relating to the safe operation of large and small construction machinery and equipment, through to workplace health and safety standards.

Having spent most of his working career using such equipment and machinery, Barry felt it was the right time to take that first step toward the building of a new business, and began delivering courses to meet industry standards in those fields.

In 2005 De'Anne was brought on board to help the company move to its next step in the ladder of success, this included becoming an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) this means being able to conduct Nationally recognised training courses and issuing certificates for those courses.

The company may have started out as a "One man band" but over the last 20 years the company has grown to the extent that we now need the Orchestra to make it run smoothly and efficiently. All States Training has grown to be the proudly owned and operated Australian family business that individuals and companies have learnt to love and trust for both our great service delivery and the down to earth approach we have - making it easy for businesses to meet Workplace Health and Safety standards without the usual fuss and bother some workplaces have found it to be.

Now that we are a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO), AST have the ability to deliver nationally recognised training certifications and we are continuing to increase our scope in line with client's needs, to include a full training package for varied industries that require machine or equipment operation certificates, through to blue cards, first aid, wire spotting and any other course that may need to be designed to meet workplace health and safety standards (including courses that don't exist yet!). 

But that's not all; Barry Wadsworth has designed and delivered courses for the use of basic hand tools through to driver training for rural equipment and quad bikes. So if you're not sure, ask us what we can do for you!


Listed below are the important people that help make us unique in what we do:








Barry Wadsworth - Lead Trainer & Assessor





De'Anne Stegert - RTO Manager      






Gavin Stegert - Trainer & Assessor





Rhiannon Stegert - Instructional Designer & RTO Compliance






Tracy McCarroll - Funding & Accounts (Invoicing)





Stevie Franks - Processing Officer & Aged Receivables 





Kristen Olsen - Instructional Design Assistant





Tracey Smith - Manager Support




Training companies in our network...

  • Peter Knight from Beachmere Training Services Pty Ltd - Trainer & Assessor (QLD Wide)
  • Terry Walz from Fraser Coast Training - Trainer & Assessor (Wide Bay Area)
  • Peter Dale from Advanced Machinery Training - Trainer & Assessor (Maryborough)
  • Wayne Hollis from Summit Safety Solutions - Trainer & Assessor (Maryborough & Surrounding Areas)
  • Laurell Barry from Chameleon Beauty & Nails - Trainer (Maryborough)
  • Eric Googe from Mech-Aide Training Solutions - Trainer & Assessor (QLD Wide)
  • Jarard Colley from Train Wise Solutions - Trainer & Assessor (Mackay Area)
  • Neil Wadsworth from Assessing Training of Australia - Trainer & Assessor (North Qld & NT)
  • Stuart Thomson from Azura Training & Assessing - Trainer & Assessor (QLD Wide)
  • Brian Ferris from Brian Ferris Machinery Training & Assessing - Trainer & Assessor (QLD Wide)
  • Garry Mathias from Corrsafe Enterprises PTY LTD - Trainer & Assessor (QLD Wide)
  • Justin Keaney from Country to Coast Training & Assessing - Trainer & Assessor (Moranbah)
  • Dan Robinson from Dan Robbo Safety & Training Services - Trainer & Assessor (QLD Wide)
  • Dave Scully from Dave Scully Training - Trainer & Assessor (Capella)
  • Peter McIntyre from Eclipse Training - Trainer & Assessor (South East QLD)
  • John Neal from Fraser Coast Truck & Machinery Training - Trainer & Assessor (Fraser Coast)
  • Desmond McKenna & Bart Grimes from GMWW PTY LTD - Trainer & Assessor (QLD Wide)
  • John Jarvis from JJ's Earthmoving - Trainer & Assessor (Bundaberg)
  • Michael Lane from Mymailco PTY LTD - Trainer & Assessor (Gympie)
  • Annie Alexander from Queensland Regional Training - Trainer & Assessor (Toowoomba & Dalby)
  • Peter Horwath from Security 101 - Trainer & Assessor (Fraser Coast)
  • Judy Goss from Studio Hairdressing & Beauty PTY LTD - Trainer & Assessor (Tasmania)
  • Brett Stoward & Tony Webb from Succession Training - Trainer & Assessor (Gympie)
  • Mark Norris from Impact Firearms Training - (QLD Wide) 
  • Christine Platz from IMW Rider Training - (Glenvale) 
  • Michael Markwell from Markwell Training Pty Ltd - (Bohle)
  • Patrick Hennessy from PBH Group - (Thornlands) 
  • Greg Pickersgill from Qld Machinery Assessment - (Drayton) 
  • Rex Wallman from Rock n Road Bitumen - (Mt Pleasant)
  • Tammy Stewart from Skill Centred Inc. - (Gympie)


If you are a Trainer & Assessor who needs a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and wish to be aligned with All States Training, please contact De'Anne at the office.


For a copy of All States Training Policies and Procedures, please download the AST Handbook below.

AST Handbook


If you would like to make an appeal, please download the following form and submit it back to All States Training following the procedures as outlined in our AST Handbook above.

AST Appeal's Form


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